My road to photography has been a long one, full of detours. When I was younger, I used to love to grab my parent's 110 camera and run around the house taking pictures of everything--much to their chagrin, as they would often go to use the camera, only to find the roll of film had been completely exposed, and all the flashbulbs had been used!

Fast forward several years, I rediscovered my inner shutterbug while registering for classes in college. As I was going through the course catalog, I happened upon the photography classes, and decided to enroll in the Intro to Photography class, which also included a darkroom lab component. I was hooked. I took my camera everywhere I went and photographed everything I could. I even went so far as to build a darkroom at my parent's house. Unfortunately, college soon came to an end, and I had to find a job.

With a degree in MIS, I got a job with a software company in the San Francisco Bay Area, and while I often thought of photography, I rarely had the time to pursue it. Several more years went by, and I began to experience that familiar itch to get back into photography. Around this time, digital SLR cameras had really come into their own, and most professionals were now shooting digital, rather than film. The ease and speed of working in digital has allowed me to spend the time needed to hone my craft, in an accelerated manner.

I live in Denver, CO with my beautiful and amazingly supportive wife, our two wonderful sons, and our dog Ferguson.

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